Best Digital Multimeters Reviews of 2017

As the name implies, a “multimeter” happens to be a device with many uses.

But what is a multimeter? Simply speaking, it is a highly beneficial tool that is often used by auto mechanics, electricians, and other technicians dealing with machines.

This product can be used to take accurate readings, diagnose malfunctioning parts, and even to measure electrical current flowing across terminals.

Having a device such as this is useful no doubt, especially because one does not need much technical knowledge to operate it.

But, if you don’t have this product yet, how do you go about buying the best digital multimeters or even find the best digital multimeter brands?

Don’t worry; we’ll tell you how later in this guide. But first, take a look at our favorite choice of multimeters in the market.  Multimeter Guide

Why do you need the best rated multimeter?

The multimeter is a testing instrument that measures two or more electrical values such as the resistance, current, voltage, etc. Multimeters are usually considered to be a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in electronic fields and in automotive.

In fact, this is a device that an electrician cannot do without because of efficiency and safety reasons. A multimeter is also used to find circuit faults when inspecting electronic settings. These are light and portable devices that are even available in the $ 10-$ 20 price range.

If you haven’t owned a multimeter before, now would be the best time to look into it because we are bringing you a collection of the best in the industry. Don’t worry; none of these are priced high enough to be worthy of breaking your bank.

Or if you want a replacement for your old device, our guide should help you with that as well. So, keep on reading to find out about, the best digital multimeters.

7 Best digital multimeters for the money

1.Fluke-115-Compact-True-RMS-Multimeter – Best True RMS  Multimeter

fluke 115The first in our list comes a product from a very renowned company named, Fluke. Having once again proved that the company is a knockout winner in the electronic and application testing tools industry, the Fluke-115-Compact-True-RMS-Multimeter has many exciting features.No, we’re not just talking about its price, but some highly popular elements that make this digital multimeter stand out from the crowd.

Product features

  • True-RMS for the most accurate measurements
  • Ability to check frequency, continuity, capacitance, etc
  • CAT III 600V approved safety rating
  • Large LED backlight to give you a clear vision in dimly lit areas

Why should you buy this product?

This Fluke multimeter is truly one-of-a-kind owing to its compact design, ease of use, and highly accurate readings. While the quality of the reading may sometimes vary, this device’s simple operation is quite a well-known fact.

This should be the perfect product to use if you are a general-purpose electrician as it efficiently displays current and voltage readings with pinpoint accuracy. The multimeter is highly portable, and you can expect to carry it anywhere in the palm of your hand.

If these features were not enough, the backlight and 6000 count on display make for the perfect combination for easy reading.


This Fluke multimeter is well worth the purchase because it can handle everything starting from 200ma and going up till 1A. Besides, its durable casing provides ultimate resistance to damages and other kinds of wear and tear.

➡ Excellent reliability safeguards against accidents
➡ Displays all information accurately
➡ Portable and highly efficient
➡ Multimeter price is not too high
❌ None

2.Etekcity-MSR-U1000-Auto-Ranging-Multimeter – Best Automotive Multimeter

Etekcity MSR-U1000 Auto-Ranging Digital MultimeterThe second spot on our list is occupied by yet another fantastic product, with features hard to match. The Etekcity-MSR-U1000 is special not only because it is a good general multimeter, but because it works surprisingly well when put to an automotive test.

No, we are not going to keep you guessing about its features; you Motorheads deserve more!

Product features

  • Can test voltage, capacitance, current, and resistance
  • Can check for frequency, duty ratio, frequency response, continuity buzzer, etc.
  • Measurements are very easy to take thanks to the auto ranging scales
  • The product comes with backlit LCD, helping to view in low lights

Why should you buy this product?

Like we said before, the Etekcity-MSR-U1000 is great for general use as well as for automotive. Aside from being an expert in measuring current, voltage, frequency, resistance, etc. it holds the display numbers for quite a while thanks to the Data Hold function.

No more panicking to remember the digits on your mind because this model has you covered. The item also has sturdy rubber bumper that protects it from falls, scrapes, and other types of damages. So, you can get rid of the worries of breaking it out of your mind.


Etekcity is a brand that is trusted by industry professionals, and all for good reasons. This model is undoubtedly one of the best automotive multimeters primarily due to the sheer value it offers. Whether you are an expert or a casual, we promise that you will love it.

➡ An excellent range of testing capabilities
➡ Backlit LCD to boost visibility
➡ High durability thanks to the rubber bumper

❌ Backlight stays on for only 25 seconds from one press

3.Fluke-116-323-KIT-Multimeter HVAC – Best Multimeter for HVAC

Fluke 116 323 KIT HVAC MultimeterFor those who are in the HVAC industry – we’ve got good news! Multimeters need not be limited to electricians and automotive repair persons; you can use one of these babies to simplify your life as well. How? We’ll tell you all about it.

Product features

  • Built-in thermometer exclusively integrated for HVAC applications
  • Out-of-the-box calibration for easy usage
  • Technology to help prevent false readings arising out of ghost voltage
  • Readings for continuity, resistance, frequency, and capacitance
  • Large LED backlight to give you visibility in low light

Why should you buy this product?

If you’re in the field of HVAC repairs and maintenance, then having the right tool for the right job is crucial. This is why we are suggesting you this product, which combines the best features of a rugged multimeter and a swift general-purpose clamp meter. Yes, two for the price of one!

Aside from the features, we mentioned above; this model has many others worth discussing. It is highly durable and can withstand humidity, shock, and whatever you can name. It is CAT III 600 V safety rated, has microamps for flame sensors, and LED backlight for all intents and purposes.

We wouldn’t shy away from calling this the best multimeter for HVAC simply because it is extraordinarily useful anyway you look at it.


Very few products can offer benefits as this model by Fluke does. It is beginner friendly, has high resistance to damage, and combines all the bells and whistles of a multimeter that would be ideal for an HVAC technician. After all, Fluke is one of the best digital multimeter brands.

➡ Excellent value for money
➡ Robust build and feature quality
➡ Super portable

❌ None

4.Fluke-323-True-RMS-Clamp-Meter  – Best Value Multimeter

Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp MeterOkay, we’re not trying to promote Fluke products here; just giving you our opinion on the best digital multimeters. Once again, the company has proved itself to be the champions of the industry, with a product that is heavy on functionality but light on price.

If the pricing doesn’t scream “VALUE” at you, we’re sure that its features will.

Product features

  • Provides accurate readings for both linear and non-linear loads because of its True RMS sensor
  • The Digital clamp effectively measures up to 400 amp AC current, up to 600 V AC and DC voltage, and 4 k ohms of resistance
  • Meets IEC safety standards; rated for CAT IV installations
  • Solid portability and a robust build makes this item all worth it

Why should you buy this product?

Let’s throw a question at you in return: Why SHOULDN’T you purchase the Fluke-323-True-RMS-Clamp-Meter? It brings the brand value of the company and warrants exceptional performance at a very affordable price tag.

While this product might not have much to offer in terms of uniqueness, its noise free, reliable results are things you’ll find in good quality multimeters. This model scores the title of the best value multimeter due to its robustness and advanced diagnostic tools.


We’ve already said everything there was to say; now it’s your choice if you want to buy this product or not. Go ahead and try it! This is one among the few great multimeters for electronics.

➡ Incredible value for money due to its feature enriched package
➡ Excellent sensor to accurately display results
➡ Light, portable, and fit to carry everywhere

❌ Does not have LED backlight

5.Southwire Tools Equipment MaintenancePRO Multimeter – Best Electricians Multimeter

Southwire Tools & Equipment 23070T MaintenancePROA lot changes in the best digital multimeter when we move from the standard to the commercial multimeter arena. Not only do the products get more expensive, but they come with a broad range of extra utility features that aren’t required in the domestic counterparts.

This model by Southwire-Tools is just another example of things done right.

Product features

  • Comes with high-resolution color display that accurately portrays graphs and split screen
  • MAapp gives you easy access to the readings from the comfort of your smartphone
  • Both rugged in build and in safety features, due to its CAT IV 600V compliance
  • MaintenancePRO makes recording and sharing measurements as easy as a breeze

Why should you buy this product?

If you’re looking for the best commercial multimeter, then you cannot go wrong with Southwire-Tools-Equipment-MaintenancePRO. Its accurate sensors, dynamic color screen, Bluetooth facility, and outstanding safety features make it the best electrician’s multimeter.

When you combine the advanced safety and measurement technology of this model with the mobile app, you get one of the most convenient devices ever made! Yes, we do believe that the price of this digital multimeter is somewhat steep, but it’s worth it if you overlook that fact.


The Southwire-Tools-Equipment-MaintenancePRO-Multimeter is a light and portable model that’s bound to come to your aid in times of need. Buy these multimeters for electronics if you have the money to spare is all we can say.

➡ Excellent assortment of features
➡ Mobile and Bluetooth connectivity for instantaneous results

❌ Price may prove to be a bit too much for some people

6.Klein Tools MM400 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

Klein Tools MM400 Auto Ranging Digital MultimeterAs we are nearing the end of our review list of the best digital multimeters, let us give you a review of a nifty little tool that comes in an even more affordable budget. This multimeter from Klein Tools promises to do many things better than its expensive counterparts, and rightly so.

Product features

  • Can measure up to 600V AC/DC; 10A AC/DC, and 40-ohm resistance
  • Built to last the regular wear and tear that is involved on the job
  • Can measure capacitance, frequency, capacitance, and much more
  • Compliant with CAT III 600V safety

Why should you buy this product?

This commercial multimeter provides excellent value not for one reason, but for many. First off, it takes the readings to a very high standard of accuracy. So, measuring temperature, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, test diodes should be no problem at all.

Despite its lower price, this model has been built to last and survive a drop of 1 m. The item comes with a low battery indicator and an equally accessible battery compartment that lets you change with optimum convenience. Needless to say, the safety standard is also credible.


Don’t be convinced about the utility of this best digital multimeter by seeing its price. We have put this product to good use, and it is yet to disappoint us so far. Try it out; it won’t hurt!

➡ Incredible value for money thanks to its features
➡ Build durable enough to last for many years
➡ Low battery indicator is a bonus that we must appreciate

❌ The backlight and tone could have been better

7.Redfish Instruments iDVM 510 iOS & Android Enabled Wireless Multimeter and Data Logger

Redfish Instruments iDVM 510 iOS & Android Enabled Wireless Multimeter and Data LoggerAnd to finish things off, we bring you the review of yet another coveted product that isn’t spoken about much. Redfish Instruments took the leap of faith and brought many innovative features into this model, making it a critically acclaimed multimeter for electronics.

Product features

  • Easy electrical measurement configuration and data logging with a mobile app
  • Use your smartphone to save and share the readings with the touch of a button
  • CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V tested for maximum safety
  • 3 ¾ (6000 count) resolution

Why should you buy this product?

Aside from the fact that this digital multimeter has been field tested, we would like to advise you to buy it because of its reliability. Like every other product in our guide, the iDVM 510 iOS & Android Enabled Wireless Multimeter makes no compromises.

From showing easy to read results to giving you the ease of smartphone integration, this model does it all. Its mobile app is a master stroke, which we believe that more companies will start to adopt as time passes by.

Worried about safety? Don’t be, because this digital multimeter has been time and again tested in a variety of working environments. This product is truly something that you’ll enjoy using.

➡ Smartphone integration with an App
➡ Affordable yet effective

❌ Some people have reported problems with battery circuit

Complete Best Multimeter Buying Guide 2017 | Latest

For the uninitiated who have no idea about the things to consider before buying a multimeter, this multimeter buying guide will be a lifesaver! A great deal of what the right multimeter should be for you comes down to how you plan on using it.

Having one with the right features will make work more efficient and safer. What do look for in a multimeter? The things you’ll need to consider before taking the plunge are the following:

1.Analog or Digital- which one should I choose?

analog and digital multimeterYou can’t go wrong with either. Promise! A lot of old-school technicians prefer the analog multimeters because they find the readouts to be more visible. That is, of course, an opinion that can be debated.

Many technicians argue that analog makes it easier on the eyes to spot the changing trends, much like how digital speedometers in a car make reading difficult by showing numbers all over the place! This is particularly the case of fast cars that show jumping numbers.

The best digital multimeters often come with visible readouts in the form of bar graphs, and this feature is not limited to analog only. At this point, we can safely say the digital variant is more popular than its analog counterpart for many reasons.

For instance, the digital products are not played for having lower input impedance that often interferes with the meter’s sensitivity. Moreover, the best digital multimeters can measure more than just volts, amps, and ohms.

2.Accuracy in measurements

There is no point in choosing a multimeter that’s available for cheap but is not accurate. Even though it is a fact that no multimeter produces 100% accurate results, your aim should always be to get closer to the figure.

Cheap components, poor build, underwhelming manufacturing process can actually hamper the quality of a product that you consider to be the best digital multimeter. It’s always feasible to make a good one-time investment in buying a quality product than spending on junk.

Hobbyists don’t care much about accuracy, so your best bet to finding the best multimeter is to stick with a renowned company.

3.Auto or Manual ranging

Auto ranging multimeters are easier to use because they recognize the device you’re testing. Just let the product do its job and give you the correct measurement; no manual inputting of range is required.

Having an auto ranging multimeter will save you the hassle of messing with values like capacitance, resistance, voltage, etc. This will be a great time saver in the long run!

4.Safety rating and features

Nothing becomes more crucial when dealing with electric energy than the aspect of safety. If you intend to tackle circuits having more than 30 to 35 V, then we highly recommend you to invest on a multimeter that has excellent safety features.

To find out, check out its measurement category rating along with how the product has been designed. Design wise, check for internal blast shields, wide flanges to avoid slippage, and shrouded banana plugs.

5.Product design

Even though this factor matters less than the others, it is still somewhat worth discussing. An ideal digital multimeter should be bright in color so that it is easily noticeable. Or else, someone may crash the device or come across an accident in a low light setting.

The best digital multimeters we’ve reviewed in our guide all come with a durable casing and finish because we are familiar with bad experiences. A word of caution: make sure the product you are buying doesn’t have PVC as insulation; silicone is always better.


Last but not least, the price is a consideration that one must also keep in mind. As much as we’d like to say that you should go ahead and buy the top model in the industry, very few can afford that. Moreover, choosing the most expensive product doesn’t always make sense.

We believe that each product in our guide is worthy of its price and should not put a dent in your monthly budget. Besides, they come with all the necessary features a modern technician would need to ACE in his/her job!

What is the best multimeter?

Now that you know about our top seven choices of best digital multimeters and how to buy a multimeter, don’t wait anymore and buy one!. These products are available online at really affordable prices, with an option of free home delivery under certain conditions.

Now is as good a time as any to get a brilliant multimeter for yourself because you never know how long the stocks might last. Take our advice from this multimeter buying guide for dummies and make the right choice!

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